Zelian is a fresh, dynamic, unconventional strategy and communications consultancy

The company specialises in strategic positioning and messaging; corporate communications, B2B and B2C relations, environmental and scientific issues, web and viral communications.

Zelian is also expert at networking for companies, organisations, institutions and trade associations at both national and international levels.

Zelian is well connected with universities, research institutes, national and international organizations, in several areas such as environment, energy, agri-food, petrochemical, building & construction, logistics & transports.

With integrated services ranging from media relations to issue management, Zelian operates at the international level through a network of communications consultancies sharing the same philosophy, approach and professionalism.



Awards & Recognitions

  • Aretê Prize for responsible communication (Vinylgame)
  • Prize 'Social communication Euro-P.A.' finalist (Rotary International)
  • EMEA Sabre award finalist (PlasticsEurope Italia)
  • Paul Harris Fellowship (Rotary International) for the charity campaign of public awareness on autistic children

Partnerships Forum 2012

Dr. Brigitte Dero, Deputy General Manager of VinylPlus, discusses the role of partnerships.

Tutti i video

ICC Green Economy Task Force

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Green Economy Roadmap – a guide for business, policy makers and society to assist in the development and implementation of policies and actions towards a 'green economy'.