Zelian adheres to the Italian Prompt Payment Code (CPR)

Zelian is one of the companies adhering to the Italian Prompt Payment Code (CPR – Codice Italiano Pagamenti Responsabili), the voluntary code promoted by Assolombarda.

Signatories to the Code commit to abide by the payment terms defined with their suppliers, and to prompt payments.

Signing to the Code, Zelian aims at contributing to the spreading of a new business culture, based on virtuous and transparent entrepreneurial behaviours. Certainty on payment inspires confidence across the supply chain – confidence that stimulates investment and growth.

“Zelian is very proud to have been accepted as a signatory to the CPR – says Erica Lo Buglio, Managing Partner of Zelian. Correct and transparent professional relationships and behaviours are at the basis of our activities. We hope that this initiative, encouraging and promoting prompt and clearly defined payment terms, can break the negative spiral for which many companies nowadays tend to react to long (and uncertain) payment times lengthening their own time of payments”.