'The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.'
Peter Drucker

Communicating means making a piece of information known and sharing it, whether it is an idea, a project or a product.

Strategic thinking, creativity, and communications techniques are fundamental, yet they must be integrated with the different national, international, social, corporate environmental needs to be really effective.

Successful communication depends on really knowing an organisation’s language and culture so as to understand its needs and achieve its goals.

It is equally important to know how to weigh up available resources, use them in the most cost effective way and measure results.

We offer you direct, practical, in-depth experience of national and international communications for companies, corporations, institutions and associations.

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Technical and scientific communications
Environmental and social communications
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Patricia Chaves interviewed by VinylPlus

Patricia Chaves of the Division for Sustainable Development, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) is interviewed by Erica on the role of Partnerships.

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ICC Green Economy Task Force

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Green Economy Roadmap – a guide for business, policy makers and society to assist in the development and implementation of policies and actions towards a 'green economy'.