Experimental Learning on Sustainable Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering

Zelian was invited by the Politecnico of Milan, to present the concept of the managerial game Vinylgame during the 14th workshop on Experimental Interactive Learning in Industrial Management.

The workshop saw the participation of representatives from major Europen universities and research institutes.

The Vinylgame challenges players to manage a virtual PVC industry in a sustainable way, illustrating the mechanisms that regulate research, production, markets and interaction with society (institutions, NGOs, consumers). The objective was to explain the complexity of the European PVC industry’s approach to Sustainable Development, in a simple way, to internal and external stakeholders.

Aim of the game is to run a sustainable and profitable business within a set timeframe.

The performance is monitored through a toolbar which indicate the impact on environment and a counter that indicates the available budget. The main screenplay is a terrestrial globe where each building represents a phase of the PVC life cycle, from row materials to recycling. Each building has a short description and a range of possible actions.

Translated in five languages, the Vinylgame is being utilised in Europe, but also by the PVC industry associations in South-America.

The Vinylgame was presented at the Partnerships Fair of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in New York, at the EU Green Week in Brussels and was awarded the Italian Aretê Prize for Responsible Communication. The game concept has been developed by Zelian in collaboration with MolleIndustria. .